26 – The Daemons by Matt Barber

Black Archive 26 The Daemons

‘We are dealing with the supernatural. The occult! Magic!’

Something is wrong in Devil’s End. An archaeologist is overly eager in his attempts to dig into a barrow, a local white witch is foretelling doom and destruction, and the old vicar has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

The Dæmons (1971) is a celebration of occult and new age history and culture, a story that cherry-picks from sources as diverse as Goethe, Kneale and Lovecraft. But how did this most unusual Doctor Who story become such a nostalgic touchstone for the era?

Matt Barber has a BA in Medieval Studies, an MA in the History and Literature of Witchcraft and a PhD in Film and Visual Culture, all from the University of Exeter. He has been a Doctor Who fan from the moment he accidentally saw City of Death when he was three years old.