We are putting together a new Faction Paradox anthology and we’ve left a slot – maybe two – open for open submissions.

Here’s the details…

In the story ‘Library Pictures’ in the initial Obverse faction collection, A ROMANCE IN TWELVE PARTS, Iris Wildthyme searches for Panda in a Faction Prison called The Boulevard.

Here’s what Iris had to say about the place:

‘If the rumours are right then the entire place is endless, a single Frankenstein’s street made up of a million different roads and lanes and highways, each grabbed up by Faction Paradox at the moment of its destruction, and stitched together to create the Boulevard; part prison, part museum, part showing off.

‘I heard once that this is the place where the Faction imprison one of their own lot if they go to the bad. Very into imprisonment, the Faction. They say they’ve got one really bad guy locked in the eye of a storm or down a well or inside a sock or something. But most of the rest of them are stuck in the Boulevard, trapped in their own particular tailored realities, doomed to pay for their crimes for…eternity.

‘There are only two types of being here, Sammy – prisoners and computer generated AIs to live alongside them. Nobody else at all. If you’re locked up here you literally don’t have a friend in the world.

‘Gives me the bloody willies, so it does.’

For once with the Faction, what we’re looking for is all pretty straight-forward… just ask yourself the question, what would you need to do – criminal, political, far odder than either of those – to end up in a Faction Paradox prison?

Stories should be 5K to 10K (with a little wriggle room if you need a wee bit more space) and anyone selected will be paid the same standard fee as those invited directly, plus a copy of the paperback book.

If you’re interested, if we could have pitches (i.e. a full breakdown of the plot, including all major plot points, big scenes etc, not just a high level one liner) to (preferably as word docs) for the end of March.

There’s no requirement for a writing sample, but if you want to include a short one, we will read them and obviously if the writing’s awesome, that will improve your chances!

If your pitch is successful we’ll be looking for a first draft for 1st October with a view to having all the final drafts locked in for the end of the year and publication early in 2022.