Press Release: Faction Paradox 2012

Obverse Books will be taking over the Faction Paradox prose license in its entirety from 2012.  The following line-up of books will be released next year…


Against Nature – Lawrence Burton
Goralschai, a first wave veteran of the House Military, returns from the front bearing a death wish the size of creation. The spiral politic, he decides, cannot continue, and on Earth, in the Mexico of 1506, he finds a means to his twisted end; and so, egged on by the Celestis (who find this sort of thing amusing), he lays plans to turn one small corner of history into a weapon.”

The Brakespeare Voyage – Simon Bucher-Jones and Jon Dennis
The Maw, a wound in the fabric of the universe, forms. House Lineacrux claims to have constructed it, but this may be a lie. To exploit it House Lineacrux creates two ships with the intention of harvesting Leviathan biodata from outside the totality of the Spiral politic. The first the San Grael is a scout the second, the Brakespeare…


The Moontree Women – Kelly Hale
Some people have timelines in their palms instead of lifelines...”

Opus Majus – Jim Mortimore
“In 1267 the Fransiscan monk Roger Bacon made such a fuss about the inaccuracies of the calendar that Pope Clement IV ordered he be sent on a quest to find the missing time. This ridiculous but hardly refusable mission is something of a problem for Bacon – but an even greater problem for Faction Paradox.

Short Stories

Faction Paradox: Burning With Optimism’s Flames – editor, Jay Eales…

To be released in the second half of 2012, as hardbacks, with ebook (and possibly paperback versions) to follow.